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Reflections of a single woman on her journey through life.

Believe In Yourself

Leg Day

Over the last year, I’ve been working on losing all the weight I had gained.  It was a slow start because my biggest obstacle was food itself!!  I was scared of food.  I had been eating one meal a day for years… and was terrified that if I ate more, I would gain more.  It took some time for me to recognize that I would actually LOSE weight by eating.  […]

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Resolved to Not Resolute

Each year, countless people list off their resolutions for the New Year… many of which are forcefully attacked during the month of January… most of which are given up on by February.  I’ve often contemplated the whole idea of a resolution… and I’ve “made some” in the past.  However, I find that I prefer not to resolve to achieve a goal each year as much as I would rather reach […]

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Going for 5

Vinales Valley

Wow… this is only my fifth post for the entire year.  That’s sad… and yet, I can’t bring myself to give up this site.  I guess it’s just been a part of me for so many years that it would be like losing a piece of myself.  I’m not even sure if anyone still visits this site… aside from the “likes” on my last couple of posts.  Obviously someone still […]

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Taking the Next Step

For as long as I’ve had this blog (over 10 yrs now), I’ve kept one aspect of it password protected.  As a survivor of physical abuse and sexual assault, the original purpose of this site was a space for me to write it all out when I couldn’t talk about it.  Over the years, and with the help of a great deal of therapy, I’m taking the next step forward […]

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It seems I’m horrible at keeping up with this site, yet I’ve had it for so many years I refuse to let it go.  I guess, if anyone still visits, you’ll just have to deal with my sporadic updates. It’s been a good year… lots of self-discovery, forward movement, etc.  More than anything, it’s been educational.  I have a 9 month old beautiful nephew, little brother to my 5 yr […]

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Hidden Beneath the Layers

Sometimes it’s just easier to hide beneath the tattoos… the make-up… the extra weight, etc.  Fortunately, it’s nothing anyone really takes notice of.  After I was attacked, I gained weight… a lot of weight.  To me, it made me feel safe… because no one looks at the fat girl.  There was no more unwanted attention.  No more inappropriate looks.  No more uncalled for brushes of skin.  I just disappeared into […]

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Cuba, Cuba, Cuba

Last month, I ventured on my second trip to Cuba… and it turned out to be the greatest week of my life.  In all honesty, if I could have my bed and my pets, I would have stayed (not permanently… I’m too spoiled by American life).  Not only was my group completely open and excited to every single thing we did, but we had the greatest guide who immediately was […]

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