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This beautiful creature is my inspiration.

Yes, this is it… my inspiration is a horse. Some of you may be confused. Some of you may understand immediately. So, let me indulge…

My horse knew me better than any human ever has. During my most difficult times in life, he was there. When I was in an abusive relationship, he protected me. Kept me safe. When I was struggling to keep it all together, he gave me strength. The day I knew I wanted him, was the day that everyone else said he was insane. He was abused. He was unloved. He was unkempt. For many months, I would spend 10-12 hours a day with him. Grooming him. Teaching him. And loving him. By the time I was ready to start my junior year, he was my angel. No matter what the situation was, he always seemed to know what was wrong. I could curl up in his stall and just cry. And all he would do was rest his nose in my hands. Horses are amazing creatures.

Due to financial reasons, I was forced to sell him.  Once the check was handed over, he was no longer mine.  I was never made aware of when he would be taken… but, I knew I didn’t have much time left with him.  On one daily adventure to see him, I was met by an empty stall. Nameplate gone. Halter gone. Everything gone. My angel was gone.

One year later, I received a call. The owners were selling him and wanted to know if I would buy him back. There was no question. I would do it!! So, I made the 3 hour drive to see him… for the first time in a year. There he was. As beautiful and majestic as ever! I made my way towards the fence and he looked up. As he had so many times before, his ears perked and he galloped towards me. Nuzzling his nose in my face, he pranced around. We spent the day in the fields. I laughed as he constantly nudged me while we walked. He protected me again. When I left that evening, I suddenly felt… complete… not knowing my heart was going to break once more.

Two weeks later, I drove out to see him, for the second time in one year.  Sadly, my happiness and serenity was short lived.  Pulling up to the house, it was like a bad dream… he was gone. The house was ‘for sale’ and the owners had left, taking my angel with them… and never to be heard from again. That was the most devastating day of my life.  I had lost him twice… and part of me has never stopped searching.

My family has often said that the day I lost him, I lost part of myself… and I believe that. He was my other half… my soul-mate in spirit.  He was the one who taught me how to be free.  He has lived in my heart from that day forward.

The horse… an animal of spirit and courage, dependability and strength, grace and beauty. From skinny legged foal to stalwart stallion or high stepping filly, a horse is truly a magnificent creature.

– Author Unknown

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