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When I started this blog in May 2001, I did so to provide myself with an outlet I couldn’t find elsewhere. Essentially, a place where I could write an anonymous diary. Over time, I found a circle of bloggers I enjoyed following and slowly came to be acquainted with.  Over the years, I’ve continued to read those who have stuck around.  Admittedly, I have been known to go long periods without posting… but let’s face it, 14 yrs is a long time to have a blog!!  I can’t bring myself to let it go… especially since I’ve been utilizing it more this year than in recent years. While I’ve always preferred the anonymity of this site given much of the content, it’s also brought me comfort to know I’ve had readers.  At one point, I had quite a few dedicated readers.  However, those seem to have disappeared and I’m left wondering if there’s still anyone out there who visits me.  I suppose it doesn’t make much of a difference given that this is simply an outlet for me… still, I can’t help but wonder.

Is anyone still out there?  Is blogging even still a thing?

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  1. I’m still here. Not everyday. Not as often …. but I still make the rounds to check on those of us that are left. I feel the same way. I just can’t let my blog go. Even tho I don’t write like I used to. And I don’t know what it is … but I just can’t get into making new friendships with (new-er) bloggers these days. I read some … but it’s just not like the old days lol.

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