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Semicolon; Mental Health & Suicide Awareness

In honor of the loss of my dear friend, along with my own personal battle with depression… I’ve added yet another bit of ink to my body.

The teal represents anxiety; the green, depression; and the yellow, suicide. Additionally, the teal also represents sexual assault, PTSD, and OCD. So it really incorporates some of my own personal battles. Of course, the yellow is also for supporting the troops.  So, all three colors affect me as well.

The concept of the semicolon being used stems from a wonderful organization called Project Semicolon. It has become more and more common for tattoo artists to receive requests for tattoos of semicolon or incorporating semicolons.

On Saturday, I joined the many friends and family members located in California to say goodbye to Amber.  And I did so with this piece freshly inked on my ankle.  It was such an emotional day that included driving 300+ miles, meeting countless family members of Amber’s, making it through a Catholic memorial service, lunch with plenty of drama from one side of the family, an afternoon on the beach, writing a message to Amber on a rock and throwing it into the out ocean, and finally… a stop on my way home to see the one person who I knew would understand.  The boyfriend of my girlfriend who passed away in 2009. For the last month and a half since Amber passed away, I’ve been there for her boyfriend… supporting him and being there for him… just as I was for Heidi’s boyfriend.  But, this time, I had not yet had anyone to just hold ME and let ME cry.  And that’s exactly what I did when I reached his house.  I finally let it all out.  I cried and cried; and then cried some more.  I finally accepted that Amber is gone.

“A semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but chose not to. The sentence is your life and the author is you.”

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