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Time for a Change

I turned 37 last week… not a monumental milestone, but enough of one to cause me to re-evaluate quite a bit about my life and where I’m currently at.  (Obviously, I’m looking at buying a home… and that’s huge.)

After considerable thought, I’ve decided it’s time for this site to adopt a new name.  While Passionate Desire has always held very strong meaning to me, the older I get, the more I feel it might be regarded as an erotica/pornographic site purely by its name.  So, I’ve gone ahead and purchased a new domain which will redirect for the time being until I decide to move everything over. will be the new Passionate Desire.  There are more changes in my life taking place and I will be posting about them as they happen.  In the meantime, please update your bookmarks to reflect the new link. I will slowly be changing aspects of the site as I get closer to transferring it all.

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