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Fearless Anthology

Fearless Anthology

As soon as this book was available for pre-order, I was all over it.  As soon as it was officially released, I bought multiple copies to send to friends.  Not only am I total romance junkie, but I also love that all proceeds go to VETSports (a fantastic organization I fully support).  With a foreword written by Retired Army Sgt BT Urruela sharing his story in his own words. (Not to mention he graces the cover of this book!) His part alone makes it worth the buy.  An inspirational man who has used his experiences to further motivate and encourage others as well as himself.  I’ve come to greatly admire him as a person and role model.  If you ever get the chance, check out his Facebook page.

Any of my long-time readers will know how important the military is to me.  Having spent a number of years as a military spouse, being the daughter of a Vietnam Vet, and the grand-daughter of a WWII Vet, many have said that it’s just in my blood.  I strongly support the military and its veterans… and I will promote the organizations I believe in to the end.

Moving on to the rest of the book… there are 12 stories in this baby!! All for just $2.99!! That’s a savings of $32.89!!

  1. Kahlen Aymes — Before Ryan was Mine $3.99
  2. Chelle Bliss — Throttle Me $0.99
  3. Stacy Borel — Touching Scars $2.99
  4. Lexi Buchanan — Sizzle $3.99
  5. Tillie Cole — Sweet Home $0.99
  6. Kaylea Cross — Out of Her League $2.99
  7. Jennifer Foor — Noah $2.99
  8. KL Grayson — Where We Belong $2.99
  9. Missy Johnson — Wicked Innocence $3.99
  10. Harper Sloan — Cage $3.99
  11. Nacole Stayton — A Graceful Mess $2.99
  12. Hillary Storm — Hold Me Closer $2.99

So, with that all said… combine gorgeous eye-candy, all proceeds to benefit veterans, a compelling foreword and 12 romance stories… how can you NOT read it!!  Check it out… the Fearless Anthology!!

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