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At what point do you draw the line in a friendship between being supportive yet worried and being judgmental? It seems to me it’s a fine line that tends to be crossed all too often.  I feel that friends should be open and honest about their viewpoint, however, they should be supportive as long as you’re not endangering yourself in some way.  Passing judgment is a sure way to destroy a friendship; especially your trust in someone. No one should decide your life except for you.  No one else gets to make that call.  For example, whether you’re stripping on the weekends or having an affair, who are we (as the outsiders) to pass judgment on you for how you live your life?  It doesn’t mean we have to agree with your choices, but at what point is the judgment of another detrimental to your friendship?

In my life, I’ve been judged for a multitude of things… from who I’ve dated… to weight I’ve gained… to ending my marriage.  I’ve been judged for being a sexual assault survivor (yes, there are people who will judge you for it.)  I’ve been judged for my choices… such as all of my tattoos, riding motorcycles, etc.  In the end though, it comes down to ME.  I love the person I am, tattoos and all.  No one else gets to judge me for that.  And I sure as hell won’t tolerate it either.

I’ll also be the first to stand up for a friend who is being judged.  I have no qualms with inserting myself into a situation if I feel a friend is being beat down by judgment.  In many ways, I think life experiences have taught me to stand up for myself and others in these instances. Life has taught me what I will and will not tolerate from others.  At times, it’s been a brutal lesson, but I think it makes me a better person.

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