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Too Little Too Late?

So far, I’ve written 5 blog posts this year.  That’s as many as I’ve written total in recent years.  Maybe I’m finally coming back around.  Though now I’m wondering… is it too little too late??  Have I lost all my readers?  I know I haven’t been present in a very long time… but, I do still peruse your blogs now and then.  I do still follow your life updates.  I just hope some of you still follow mine.

This season (work) has been brutal on me.  I was burning out when we were only 2 months in.  We’re on the home stretch now though… I should start slowing down in the next 2 months.  Once it’s June/July and I have NOTHING to do and I’m whining… someone please remind me how stressful the season was for me.  I’m still deciding if I’ll do my annual Vegas getaway for a weekend once everything wraps up.  I’ve got some other trips planned this year that take priority though.

On December 1, my grandmother passed away.  She was a brilliant photographer and pioneer in her technique.  Her work has been featured around the country.  Most importantly, she was my Nana… and I truly miss her.

Last month, I flew back to Florida to visit my Grandpa.  It was an emotional weekend that I was fortunate to share with my sister as well.  Knowing he may not be around for my next visit was tough… saying goodbye was painful.  Seeing him tear up throughout the weekend while sharing memories was bittersweet.  I’m hoping I can get back out to visit him within the next couple months, by myself this time.  And in June, the entire family will gather up in Maine to bury my Nana’s ashes and celebrate her life and her work.  The gallery that had represented her over the last 15+ years is going to open their doors one evening for a reception honoring her.  I’m looking forward to seeing their home in Maine one last time… and spending time with my family and those who loved her dearly.

Before Maine, I’ll be flying out to Boston to see my sister and family… then up to Maine all together… then back to Boston.  On my return to California, I’ll be swinging through my home state for a high-school classmate’s wedding.

I was planning to squeeze in my annual trip to Cuba this spring, but with everything coming up… I just can’t handle the idea of being gone another week in there.

Well… at least I’ll be racking up the frequent flyer miles, right?

Hope you all are still out there…

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