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All I Ask

This is my valiant effort to post more often and get back into this site.  It’s not for lack of things to discuss; it is simply that my life has become such a spiral of good vs. bad… and the bad appears to keep winning.  I’m fiercely battling the emotions in my mind over my divorce… and how difficult it is to see him moving on (and seemingly doing well) […]

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It’s Official

Well, as of Friday, March 14th, 2008… I officially have my Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Multimedia. Yup, I’m done!!!! No more school!! Three days shy of exactly four years! For the first time in years, it’s Sunday and I don’t know what to do. LOL Sundays were always my homework days!! Now, I’m off to find a job along with participating in the design and publication of […]

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Making Money

I found a great Web site to sell my textbooks on… eCampus. I HIGHLY recommend it!! I just sold 9 books and made $154.00… plus, they provide the shipping label via UPS! And I was able to list some of my other textbooks in their marketplace (the books they wouldn’t buy back). I’m keeping ALL of my graphic and Web design books (which I could easily make $200+ selling), but […]

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Counting the Days

Four… yes… 4 DAYS… four more days until I’m officially DONE with classes. And then I officially graduate on the 14th!! Woohoo!! FINALLY!! I can’t believe it’s been almost exactly 4 years since I started. I began my degree on March 17, 2004… and I’ll be finishing just 3 days shy of the 4 year mark. So, in one week I will have my Bachelor of Science in Web Design […]

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On the Prowl

I can’t believe it… I graduate in a little over two weeks!! Hard to believe it’s been four years since I took the plunge and went back to school. My little stint at USF didn’t do much for me (I think I got credit for ONE class), but I’m finally done! It’s been a long, hard, and very frustrating road. And somehow, I’ve managed to do it all through three […]

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Between Chapters

Remind me to NEVER let myself get behind in school again!!! Oh wait… this is my last term… but, still!!!  OMG… I’ve been in front of the computer for HOURS today.  Now, I can’t say it’s all due to just lacking motivation (though that is part of it).  Long story short: My girlfriend recently got a call that her ex-husband is in jail for child abuse… on their children.  So, […]

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Yup, I went with the Baseball Babe costume.  I was partial to it as is and it seems to be the most liked costume as well.  Even though I don’t “do” pink… I think it will work well with my tan.  So, that’s what I’m going as!! After 12 hours straight in front of the computer, I just finished yet another term in school.  Database Development proved to be the […]

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Academic Update

Well, this is my last week of the term.  I only took one course this time, since hubby was coming home, so it was pretty easy.  I think I pulled off a decent “A” in the class.  It was Advanced Web Design using Dreamweaver and a little bit of Flash.  Pretty basic really.  It wasn’t all that difficult as far as technicality goes.  The hard part was recalling everything I […]

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A Bit of This and That

So, if my calculations are correct, I have nine courses left to get my degree… six of those are 7-credit courses, which means I can only do two at a time… so, I should be done in 4 terms… I think.  LOL  I’m assuming I’ve figured that out correctly.  Unfortunately, that means I won’t be done by the end of this year, as predicted, but early next year.  I’m only […]

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