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At what point do you draw the line in a friendship between being supportive yet worried and being judgmental? It seems to me it’s a fine line that tends to be crossed all too often.  I feel that friends should be open and honest about their viewpoint, however, they should be supportive as long as you’re not endangering yourself in some way.  Passing judgment is a sure way to destroy […]

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One of the most disappointing feelings I’ve found in life is that feeling you experience when you realize someone isn’t who they portray themselves to be.  Outwardly, they seem to be so open and loving of everyone around them… yet, once you get to know them you find it’s all a façade. In reality, they’re judgmental, arrogant, egotistical, and any measure of caring and concern previously shown is nonexistent… or […]

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Long story short… I had a very lengthy entry I wrote and posted last night. Well, since I’m in the midst of transferring servers… and have been doing so for days now (15 domains total), I was an idiot and accidentally deleted this database. Fortunately, I had the backup from when I moved it… but, there went my entire entry from yesterday. I didn’t get the job.  I have 4 […]

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I actually updated a few days ago… typed the whole damn thing out, but my domain name had expired and I had just renewed it.  I must’ve updated in the midst of everything processing, because when I tried to post… nada.  And no draft saved either. So, where do I start?  After battling months of headaches and earaches, I finally got a referral to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat Specialist)… […]

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Project Overload

Lately, work has been overwhelming me.  Our company is headquartered in Italy… and my boss there seems to somehow think I can handle an abundance of projects at the same time.  As of this week, I’m up to 18 projects… 18 different projects to be working on at the same time.  And when he wants that status update on one, he gets upset if I have nothing to give him.  […]

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Road Trip from Hell

Saturday morning, me, hubby, and a friend embarked on a road trip to Phoenix, AZ to pick up a truck that hubby bought for the motor.  We drove out there in this friend’s truck… a 2000 F-250 Super Duty diesel… towing a heavy duty trailer behind it.  About halfway there, we stopped for lunch in the insanely hot town on Blythe, California.  After finishing our scrumptious Taco Bell, we walked […]

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iPod Jam

My iPod is stuck… as in frozen.  I plugged it into my computer this morning, at 6:30am.  The Do Not Disconnect screen appeared, but iTunes didn’t open.  So, I manually opened iTunes and it was not reading my iPod.  After some time, I finally just disconnected my iPod since it obviously was not syncing.  What happens?  Nothing.  The Do Not Disconnect screen remains lit and the time still reads 6:30.  […]

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It’s Official…

Yup, it’s official… I’ve had a shitty day and I’m truly annoyed at just about everything in my life at the moment.  I started classes again today… Gender Communications Web/Multimedia Development and Planning Environmental Studies Do any of those sound like fun??  Yeah, I didn’t think so either.  Just saying them is enough to give me a killer headache… which it did earlier. Today was a major “To-Do List” day.  […]

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