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Category: Fitness

Reaching a Goal

I’ve been working my ass off at the gym over this last year.  Granted, I’m not in the gym NEARLY as much as I’d like to be, but I work hard when I’m there on the weekends.  I usually spend 3 hours every Saturday and Sunday morning… cardio and then weights.  Once I’m warmed up with cardio and sweating buckets, I move on to weights… which I LOVE.  Given that […]

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Fear of Food

Not to be confused with cibophobia (fear of actual food itself). It’s taken me a long time to acknowledge that I have a fear of food.  It’s not so much the “food” as it is the result of eating (weight gain).  I have never been thin and healthy. Long story made short: My entire life, I’ve been classified as chubby.  And, at certain points, overweight.  It wasn’t until I was […]

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Be Inspired

While I did not start my fitness journey all that long ago, I am so inspired by so many people.  Even more so, I’m blessed to call many of them my friends.  They are fitness competitors of all ages and all classes.  Some are new to the competition scene while others have earned their Pro cards.  Although I have no desire to reach that level of body sculpting… let’s be […]

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Believe In Yourself

Leg Day

Over the last year, I’ve been working on losing all the weight I had gained.  It was a slow start because my biggest obstacle was food itself!!  I was scared of food.  I had been eating one meal a day for years… and was terrified that if I ate more, I would gain more.  It took some time for me to recognize that I would actually LOSE weight by eating.  […]

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