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The Author Is You

In honor of the loss of my dear friend, along with my own personal battle with depression… I’ve added yet another bit of ink to my body. The teal represents anxiety; the green, depression; and the yellow, suicide. Additionally, the teal also represents sexual assault, PTSD, and OCD. So it really incorporates some of my own personal battles. Of course, the yellow is also for supporting the troops.  So, all […]

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Numb With a Touch of Blah

It’s taken me weeks to realize what was happening, but slowly… very slowly… I’ve been shutting down more and more.  Growing completely numb.  Totally unable to truly feel sad or to even tear up in the slightest.  It all started when I had my most recent tattoo done.  While I knew exactly what I wanted and where I wanted it… I had NO idea the effect it was going to […]

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In Loving Memory

The last of my ink for a while (a long while) is now complete.  I’ve been working on this piece for quite some time.  I needed to find a way, for myself, to encompass both Jessica and Heidi in a piece that I could hold forever dear to me.  The wing symbolizes that they are both now angels.  The rose was Heidi’s favorite flower… and on one petal is the […]

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In My Own Skin

I’ve come a long way over the course of my life.  From high school dropout to college graduate with honors.  From church-going innocent girl to tattooed and full of life experience.  From a child with dreams of being a dancer to a woman who still loves to dance, but knows it will never be a career.  The reality is, I’ve grown up and learned so much along the way.  And […]

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Before & After

Years ago, I was heavily involved with my youth group (up until about the age of 15).  In Minnesota, the Episcopal church has very close knit ties to the Native Americans in the area.  We were often invited to sweat lodges, drum ceremonies, etc.  As part of our youth group, we also were shown the gift of meditation.  These guided meditations were something I enjoyed immensely and took a great […]

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One Leaf for Luck…

One leaf for hope… one leaf for faith… and one leaf for love. I’ve had the original 4-leaf clover since my 21st birthday.  It will eventually be touched up to give it a fresh look with the additional work I had done tonight. Tattoos have always been a sort of release for me… usually attributed to emotional pain.  I can’t quite explain it, though I’m sure some people understand. My […]

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Ink… A Little Old & A Little New

For those who don’t know… I have a few tattoos (now 6, to be exact)… and all of them have very personal meaning to me. My 2nd tattoo, back in 1998, was my Chinese Zodiac sign… the year of the Horse.  It’s a tattoo that held dual meaning for me as I also rode horses.  Over the years, I’ve contemplated adding my horse’s name to it.  My horse was my […]

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The Latest Ink

I finally got my 5th tat… and I LOVE IT!!  It’s beautiful!!!  I actually got it before my birthday, however I could not post it here because it was a surprise.  He didn’t find out about it until he got off the bus and we started loading his gear into the truck. Anyway… here it is…

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