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What Else Is There?

It really seems almost wrong to talk about anything aside from the massive quake(s) and tsunamis that have rocked the Pacific today.  But, at the same time, what is there to say that everyone else hasn’t already said?  So, with that being said, I will simply add everyone I know within the disaster struck areas is safe and sound… and my thoughts are with those affected.  We did get some […]

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Last One… Hopefully

In a few weeks, I will have my (hopefully) last follow-up exam from my procedure over a year ago.   As some may recall, my last exam did NOT go very well. [see: And the Hits Just Keep On Coming] I still have a difficult time discussing the entire course of events that took place in that short time period (maybe 20 mins), but it was beyond traumatizing for me and […]

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Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up

Spent my Thanksgiving holiday home alone… roommates went home for the weekend and I enjoyed every moment of solitude.  While I spent much of the time in front of the fireplace with a good book and my pups; I also watched a couple movies… Eat Pray Love – HUGE disappointment.  I loved the book; in fact, I’m currently reading the sequel, Committed.  The movie left much to be desired though.  […]

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So THAT’S What It Feels Like

I had my first ever ENT appointment today… while the scope up the nose was not “painful” per say… it was definitely NOT pleasant.  LOL The doctor did the basic thorough ENT exam and said everything looks great.  Next step – contrast CT scan next week to see what’s going on around my ear that could be causing the heartbeat issue.  It’s totally possible that this is all related to […]

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With the Good Comes the Bad

Well, the good news is… the pre-cancer had not come back.  All signs pointed to it, but it was just chronic inflammation.  HUGE sigh of relief… The bad news is… I’m going in to see an ENT next week to find out why, after a year, I’m still having problems with my ear.  I hear my heartbeat in my ear nearly 24/7… and everything is excessively loud to me.  It’s […]

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And the Hits Just Keep On Coming

I’m fairly certain I never posted the issue in detail, but last year I found out I had high-grade pre-cancerous cells… which were on their way toward turning into cervical cancer.  The doctors were quick to schedule me for a LEEP to remove most of my cervix.  That medical procedure was in January.  I had stayed optimistic that my first follow-up exam would be one of relief.  After all, the […]

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I actually updated a few days ago… typed the whole damn thing out, but my domain name had expired and I had just renewed it.  I must’ve updated in the midst of everything processing, because when I tried to post… nada.  And no draft saved either. So, where do I start?  After battling months of headaches and earaches, I finally got a referral to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat Specialist)… […]

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The Holding Area

Here I am… IV in my hand… numerous warmed blankets on me… and laying in a hospital bed in the holding area before going into the operating room. There was an emergency case that had to go first. So. I begged and pleaded for my phone and some awesome nurse went and got it for me. Gotta love nurses!

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