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It seems I’m horrible at keeping up with this site, yet I’ve had it for so many years I refuse to let it go.  I guess, if anyone still visits, you’ll just have to deal with my sporadic updates. It’s been a good year… lots of self-discovery, forward movement, etc.  More than anything, it’s been educational.  I have a 9 month old beautiful nephew, little brother to my 5 yr […]

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Covering the Spectrum

It appears I will need to change my category “nephew” to “nephews”.  🙂  Sometime in late January 2013, I will become an auntie again to another little bundle of joy!!!  I’m so ecstatic for my sister and praying this pregnancy goes smoothly given that she’s had two miscarriages since December.  So far so good… no major issues, though a few minor ones that should work themselves out. On Labor Day, […]

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