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Too Little Too Late?

So far, I’ve written 5 blog posts this year.  That’s as many as I’ve written total in recent years.  Maybe I’m finally coming back around.  Though now I’m wondering… is it too little too late??  Have I lost all my readers?  I know I haven’t been present in a very long time… but, I do still peruse your blogs now and then.  I do still follow your life updates.  I […]

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And So It Begins…

Girls Getaway Weekend

The travel season is starting… my life is slowly becoming consumed by nothing but work.  It’s like going from 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds.  There is no adjustment period… it just starts and doesn’t slow down for the next 8 months.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my job!!  But, it’s definitely an extremely high-stress job for 8 months out of the year.  For the last 3 […]

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Covering the Spectrum

It appears I will need to change my category “nephew” to “nephews”.  🙂  Sometime in late January 2013, I will become an auntie again to another little bundle of joy!!!  I’m so ecstatic for my sister and praying this pregnancy goes smoothly given that she’s had two miscarriages since December.  So far so good… no major issues, though a few minor ones that should work themselves out. On Labor Day, […]

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Vegas & Triggers

A couple weeks ago, I took myself on a mini-vacation to Las Vegas.  My first trip to Vegas was in 2008, and I HATED it.  I was absolutely miserable… with a bunch of guys who just wanted to troll the strip and my husband was deployed (I will still happily married then, or so I though…).  The entire time I was in misery, I was texting my girlfriend telling her […]

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New Year, New Life

Wow… I can’t believe how many months it’s been since I’ve posted.  My job has been so time consuming, however, I LOVE IT!!!  In October, we moved the company to a new location and I was given my own office.  Just two weeks later, I was off to Cuba!!!  What an AMAZING experience!!  Since then, I’ve been living a dream… in a job that has given me support and opportunity… […]

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Month of Travel

In one week, I’m off to Florida to spend a few days with my family and attend my cousin’s wedding. And, of course, I get to see my nephew!! He’s gotten so big!! I can’t wait for him to come in and wake me up Friday morning (I get in VERY late Thursday night). Just to see his huge grin right in front of me… I’m so f-ing excited!! I’ll […]

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The Week of GOOD News

My pup’s surgery went well… though he’ll have a gnarly scar.  But, I told him chicks dig scars.  🙂 Got the lab results today from the surgery… ALL of the cancer was removed and it appears it has NOT spread.  🙂 My boss emailed me yesterday and asked me to join the first tour we’re doing to Cuba… next month!!  🙂 So, my pup’s going to make a full recovery […]

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A slight amendment to my previous post.  After some serious thought… followed by a discussion with my parents… I am holding on my decision to sell the bike.  While I will likely still make the same decision, I realize that I made the choice purely based on emotion… and I’d rather make it based on logic.  Obviously, I’m staying positive that my pup is going to get through this surgery… […]

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Here We Go Again

I’m hopeful about this interview tomorrow… I actually think I have a shot. I suppose I’ve said the same thing before, but I really do think I might just be in the running for this one. I guess it will depend on how well my portfolio presents. I’d say wish me luck, but… to be honest… even with every ounce of juju I could ask for from every person I […]

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